10 Ways To Make Your Room Without A Closet Work

Your room is your private space where you are bound to keep all your belongings. When this room is of a smaller size or does not have all the amenities a basic room should have, it can complicate things a little.

A closet is one of the most essential parts of the room. Today, with real estate prices going up, builders are giving us just the room without any closets and it is up to us to make arrangements for one.

Have no closet in your room? Here are 10 brilliant ideas to manage without one:

  1. Carpenter – Get a carpenter to build you a closet if it is your own house and you are going to stay there for a solid period of time. This will be a wise investment only then.
  2. Wardrobe – You can peruse through furniture stores and buy wardrobes of various sizes to suit the size and shape of the room.
  3. Dresser – A dresser with multiple draws and a mirror on top can double up as a dressing area and a closet.
  4. Boxes – You can buy storage boxes made of breathable materials and store them in corners of the room, neatly stacked. You can even get bags from luxtime.
  5. Under Bed – You can get storage boxes or organizers that fit under your bed and keep things you don’t regularly use underneath. This will give you more space around the room.
  6. Hanging Organizers – You get a number of hanging shelf organizers that needs just a rod to hang from. You can keep your daily essentials in them.
  7. Behind Door- Get hooks behind the door to hang your clothes from
  8. Collapsible Shelves – Manufacturers have seen the need for extra storage and have shelves that can be erected and folded back in few swift moves. Get them and keep them in one corner of the room and you can move it as and when you want too.
  9. Racks – You can get open shelves with racks in them and store your things categorically. Even a small shelf’s space can be maximized this way.
  10. Trunk – If you want to add some flavor to the room, invest in an antique trunk.