20 Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Shine

Most America will spend around 2 thirds of an hour a day cleaning their houses, for the most part people don’t tend to find cleaning up the house and keeping it clean to be very enjoyable in any way and would much rather use that time to do more enjoyable things like watching TV or playing with the kids.

Researchers have demonstrated that there is a keen and palpable link with Housework and stress for people who are recovering from mental illnesses, making it clear that people are usually far more stressed out when having to clean up large amounts of messiness at home.

That’s why we’ve created this short guide to tell you how to clean your house in a much more easy to manage and time-friendly manner.

Clean Your Blender With Soap

Cleaning your blender can be a tedious task, you have to scrub away at a very dirty and often dangerously filled with sharp objects space in order to remove the sticky remnants of a delicious banana smoothie from your blender.

You can actually easily remove the sticky gunk by adding hot water, baking soda and soap to the blender and activating the blender for a couple of minutes. Give it a good go and put it in the dishwasher after to have it look clean as when it came out of the Amazon Package. This is also a great way to wash your floors and walls if you wouldn’t believe!

Clean your coffee maker with Vinegar

How do you rid the coffee maker of unhealthy bacteria? Simple, every 2 weeks add some vinegar to the central reservoir and run the coffee maker, make sure to run the coffee maker with just water once to get rid of the annoyingly potent vinegar smell. You can even use this to clean your mirrrors and showers of any mineral residue.