Don’t Let your Building or Cars be Bird Targets

Nothing can be more frustrating than to see a big blob of bird poop on your recently cleaned car. Every vehicle owner dreads the sight of bird droppings on his or her vehicle because on the one hand it is unsightly and on the other, it can damage your vehicle as it corrodes the paint and exposes the shell to vagaries of nature.

Bird poop is a common sight not only on vehicles but also on building ledges especially when they are surrounded by lots of water bodies and trees. Most often the pests are the pigeons and sparrows.

What can you do to protect your cars and buildings from bird droppings?

You can protect your vehicles from this menace if you just pay attention to where you park and when you park. Birds do their business usually before they fly off; hence if you can identify the time; avoid parking your vehicle out in the open at that time. Birds are very fond of telephone wires, lakes, electric poles, and garbage dumps; avoid parking your vehicle near these areas.

As far as your building is concerned you can opt for netting from professionals who can be found on the internet. For example, if you are in Glasgow, just type, “Bird netting Glasgow,” and you will have several options to choose from.

Tips to keep the avian away

  1. Make mobiles of old CD’s and hang them in your car or in your building where the birds frequent more. Ensure the reflective surface is facing outward; this will reflect the sun and the glare will keep the pests away.
  2. Cover the vehicles. While this will protect the car directly from the unfriendly feathery beings, you will still have to deal with a messy cover. For buildings, you can use protective netting which will prevent the birds from coming and resting on building ledges and doing their annoying business.