How to Keep Your House Cool During Hot Weather – A Complete Guide

The weather can be a tricky thing. When it is summer and the weather is just hot, there is no way to get away from it. One cannot always stay indoors or in air-conditioned spaces to escape the heat.

However, one can keep their house cool, so that they can at least escape the heat once they step inside. Here is a guide to help you keep that house of yours cool even when it is hot everywhere else:

Air Conditioner

This is the easiest manner anyone prefers to keep their room or home cool in. all you will have to do is switch on the AC, set it to the temperature and be done with it. The temperature will be maintained as long as the machine is switched on.

Invest in a good air conditioner to save on your energy costs and get the best cooling possible in a short span of time. If you are unsure of buying the best, just look out for advertisements with some phrase including “best air conditioner” and research on it to gather more details, before you buy.

Open Up

Open up your doors and windows after the afternoon heat wave settles down. when all the doors or windows are open, you are most likely to have a good cross ventilation across the house. This will air out the heat that has been trapped inside all day long and will make the house relatively cool.

Water It

Once the afternoon sun tones down and the evening breeze begins, use a hose to water your roof or the floor outside the house. This is to dissipate the heat that is trapped within the concrete of the building. When you pour water over your roof, the heat trapped inside will evaporate the water within few minutes. Do a second round of the same and you will notice the water stays a little longer. This will cool down the roof and all the surfaces you water. as a result, there is no heat generated and the surface and surrounding area stay cool.