How to use Google Home: Best Google Home Tips and Tricks

Technology has revolutionized the way one lives today. There are many inventions that have been taking place around the world and Google home is one of the brilliant inventions. Google assistant has been able to make life easier for people. Only if you are able to understand about working of this device fully then you can make the best use of it. Below mentioned are few tips one should follow to make the most use of Google home.

Tips to follow

Helps in basics functions- The first thing you need to do is to make a list of basic commands upon the arrival of Google home like you should ask  Google assistant the basic questions like to connect to your calendar, to set the alarm and so on that you can get familiarized with the new companion.

Set up language and voice match feature- The Google assistant can speak 2 different languages. You can set up your preferences accordingly. Also, there is a voice recognition feature which would help in recognizing your voice. Hence whenever you ask something, like you commute information, it would recognize the voice and give your commute details not your partner’s.

Get connected- The Google home can also act like chromecast receiver, hence any app which works on the chromecast can be controlled using Google assistant. You can command Google to open Youtube on TV to check the YouTube Fans you got for a video you uploaded. You can even customize by giving the name as ‘Living room’ to play the TV placed in the living room. It can open up Netflix, video games, music, anything you wish just by your command.

Customize the morning report- The best function offered by the Google home is the customization of the morning report. The morning reports can be customized by selecting the categories from the menu like traffic conditions, weather report, even the flight status.