Is It Really Boring to Stay Home Sometimes?

Sometimes life runs at such a hectic pace that one wants to just rest. Many people take early retirement so that they can enjoy life and be just bored for a change. Short term boredom is welcome but the line is so thin that one doesn’t realize when the tentacles of boredom get a stranglehold on you and you become a victim of it.
Why do people get bored?
• When tasks become repetitive and predictable they become boring. The lack of novelty and newness can lead to loss of interest in whatever we are doing and lead to boredom.
• One also gets bored when their skill set does not match their nature of work. For example, those who are highly energetic and extroverts by nature will get bored if they are confined to the four walls of the house with chores that require no focus and attention.
• A lack of purpose in life is often described as boredom. Not knowing what to do with each moment and why I find myself bored and living can be a big burden.
• Boredom also stems from a feeling of being trapped – unable to escape one’s circumstances
It is good to be bored
While some types of boredom are debilitating and need help the occasional feeling of being bored is always good. It is a time of rest for the mind from a jet paced lifestyle; it is the time when your mind can rethink its goals and priorities and start working on achieving them. Have you noticed how you throw yourself into anything new with enthusiasm and interest? It is because you have rested enough and now your brain is ready to move ahead with full steam.
Just ensure that you are constantly aware of how your boredom behaves – if it turns overpowering break the habit right away.