The Best and Easy Ways To Create Personal Space In Your Apartment

Staying with roomies and craving for personal space?

You are in the right spot:

There was a time when we were tight and in financial crunches and we had this insanely idea of ten of us sharing a three bedroom apartment. I am still wondering how I even agreed to such a whimsical idea!

Of course, these days are different:

When you are a student and you have limited resources at hand, there is so much you can agree to that can make you cringe later on in life.

I remember how we used to have agreements within us when we had wanted to bring our own date home. It never used to be a no headache thing but it worked out all right in the end I think!! laugh

Also, we used to have a hell lot of working up when things used to be scattered around for days and we used to miss our course syllabus when exams were nearly round the corner.

That was when I decided to put my foot down. I told the three others in the room that I would consider walking out if they did not mend their ways. The boy was I a brave boy then!

Things worked out fine for a long time after that. The room we shared was slightly bigger than the other two and I bought myself a knockdown partition that was not too thick. I created a room within the room to call it my own. That was so exhilarating.

I had space to myself finally!

I double up the partition for storage because it had racks and I could neatly stack my syllabus and devices there. Also, my Knick knacks and snacks and drinks stayed in one cupboard with an opaque shelf door so as to make a loud statement!

I have had a big collection of loveplugs and other sex toys which I had stacked neatly in the adjoining shelf. The privacy inside my nook gave me such peace of mind that even years later I am not just glad being by myself but thinking back that every experience teaches you volumes about life.