The Ultimate Guide: How To Finish A Basement From Floor To Ceiling

Finishing a basement is something that takes a back seat for most homeowners. However, make sure that you finish it because you do not want a damp and a concrete bunk in your home.

How to finish the basement walls

When your basement walls are finished then it will look complete as well as invitingly warm. Here is how you could start the work and finish it.

Keep away moisture from the basement. If you see that the basement stays damp then make sure to waterproof the entire area. This is important because all the hard work that you do will be spoilt overnight. You could waterproof it by using a waterproof coating.

Next is to install the insulation in space. You could use batts, rigid foam or spray in place foam for the same. After this, you can go ahead and hang the drywall.

Make sure that you account for the windows and the outlets.

Finishing the basement floors

After the walls, you need to now concentrate on the basement floors. It is important that you use waterproof materials to prevent any damage.

Choose a flooring material. Laminate is a great option and you could also use wood or tiles for the same.

Now determine the best way that you should be installing the flooring. Check the website for more details.

Finish the basement ceiling

Here you could choose from the drop ceiling or the drywall ceiling. The drop ceiling is a cheaper and easier option and the installation does not need many tools. To install a drywall ceiling you will need help though.


Waste no time and finish the basement to create celling that is beautiful for you and for your family. It also helps to boost the home value. This is an important part of your home improvement.