Top Safety Tips for Kids Home Alone

I know how difficult it is for parents to wean away their very small and not so small children when they have to report at work. I can specifically feel for both because as a child my mum used to come long after I was back from school and as a parent, I myself come back at least two hours after my son is back from his school.

The empty hours:

As a child, I used to feel very insecure until my mother walked in. that clicking sound of the key was so assured that wherever I was in the house, I would run to the main door to give her a hug. The holidays were the worst! The whole day I used to wait for her and sometimes used to eat alone and fall asleep on the sofa itself when she would walk in.

But I was determined to make sure that not only was my kid safe but that I also gave him something to keep himself occupied until I came back. I tried StarWalkKids and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I invested in it. It allows the kids to watch the animated version of the sky when they hold it up to the sky.

What is that one important safety tip that every parent must follow?

I think that every parent must have a smart surveillance in their homes now that the technology for that is available and at very good rates. Parents no longer need to break the bank for it. The fact is that even if the parent is convinced that the child will be able to manage alone, it is a good idea to have someone supervises them for a good amount of time till it gets established that he or she can indeed manage to.

A lot of accidents are waiting to happen to children who are alone and avoiding them should be our main lookout. Teaching children about the dos and don’ts will go a long way in ensuring their safety.